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Loud Bodies

“Rosalind” Dress Pastel Pink Linen


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We hate the word flattering, as we believe every body is best flattered by what one loves to wear, regardless of size or any “style rules” – but this is a dress that gives all bodies the love they deserve. The cords are sewn in the dress’ side and can be tied both in front and in the back and the puffy sleeves are here to add juuust a little bit of drama to the silhouette.

Product fit details
Madalina is wearing 2XL and her height is 1.69m
Standard length from waistline to hem is 121cms
The fabric is a linen/cotton mix, which means it is not stretchy, but gets softer with every wash
The fit is loose, dress comes down in an A line & features two side seamed chords that you can tie as loose/tight as you’d like, in the front or in the back of the dress
Psst, wanna know who Rosalind is?

When the double helix structure of DNA was discovered, scientists claimed that they had unravelled the secret of life itself. The crucial piece of evidence was provided by the expert crystallographer Rosalind Franklin – the famous photograph 51, an X-ray picture showing a dark cross of dots, the signature image of a concealed molecular spiral. The life-changing innovations that followed – mapping the human genome, test-tube babies, genetic engineering – all depend on understanding the chemical foundations of heredity.
Loud Bodies

LOUDBODIES is a clothing brand founded by Patricia Luiza Blaj, driven by her need to prove that style has no size and to make ethically produced sustainable clothing of all sizes available to people everywhere.

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